Scientific Reasoning

The children at Good Shepherd are blessed with a huge outdoor area that includes many gardens where they plant and harvest, sow and reap. We have chickens, rabbits, fish, lizards, birds, and more, and we encourage exploration of nature and science, both inside and outside the classroom!



Social & Emotional Development

Developing social skills, making friends, and becoming independent is a big part of preschool, especially here at Good Shepherd! We are a small school with a low child:teacher ratio, which means that every child gets a lot of individual love and attention, but they are also encouraged to play and learn in large and small groups.



Intellectual Development

At Good Shepherd School we engage the children in activities that promote a love of learning, problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity to build upon skills that will have them ready for their next challenge!

Preschool Garden


Learning is Fun!!


VBS Days