Good Shepherd Preschool is a preschool environment with additional child care opportunities available.  This means there is a structured routine that the children, parents, and staff can expect to happen on most days at school.  During the morning times there is intentional instruction based on the California Standards for Early Childhood learning.  The following schedule will be your child’s normal routine for the day.  The teacher will be flexible based on the needs of the children, but will also work very hard to have some consistency in the classroom environment and schedule.


6:30  to   8:00     Inside Play with Choices

8:00  to   9:00     Outside Play in Big Yard

9:00  to   9:05     Welcome Song and Pledge of Allegiance

9:05  to   9:15     Potty Break and Wash Up for Snack

9:15  to   9:30     Snack (Your child may sign up to bring a snack for their class and be

honored as the Child of the Day—See snack calendar on the

classroom board.)

9:30  to  11:00    Class Time in their Assigned Rooms

11:00 to 11:30    Outside Play (This environment will be rotated as the teacher plans

activities to enhance your child’s learning.)

11:30 to 12:00    Lunch Time and Free Play after eating (children will be asked to eat the

most healthy items first and sit for at least 15 min.)

12:00 to 12:30    Transition to nap room and up room for those not needing a nap.

12:30 to  1:00     Quiet Time for All (At 1:00 those children not needing a nap will be

allowed to get up for inside activities.  The child’s parent must have

given permission for this up time.)

12:30 to  3:00     Nap Time for those children who need a full nap time

3:00  to   3:30     Snack Time

3:30  to   4:30     Outside Play in Small Yard

4:30  to   6:00     Story Time, Transition, and Inside Play


Note:  Wednesday & Thursday different due to Chapel