Core Knowledge Preschool Curriculum is a Research Developed Developmentally Appropriate Teaching Plan

A Core Knowledge Preschool Curriculum, supplemented by Fruits of the Spirit lessons, is presented along with a Zoo Phonics program to the class. These structure tools are used by the teachers to make their lesson plans as they prepare activities for their children’s learning around the State Foundations and Core Federal Standards.

Core Knowledge Curriculum is a research developed developmentally appropriate teaching plan. There are basic areas of the brain processing activities that are offered. The lesson plans are designed to extend over all areas of learning throughout a monthly and yearly plan, with specific intent to build on learning from the previous months and to create foundations for future learning.

There are two levels of tasks from which the teacher can choose activities based on the skill assessment of the child. There will be themes chosen by the teacher to help focus some of the learning and relate the lessons taught to real life. There may be several themes going on at one time. A theme is like one of the many colors used to color a picture. The total picture, like the child’s brain, needs many kinds of colors to make the final product full and well-rounded.

Core Knowledge Curriculum focuses on the following areas of brain development:

Social and Emotional Health

Physical well-being and Motor Development

Oral Language

Scientific Reasoning/Awareness of the Physical World

Storybook Reading & Storytelling

Leadership and Good Work Habits

Orientation in Space

Becoming Aware of Time

Music and Visual Arts

Mathematical Reasoning and Number Sense

Language Development through Rhymes, Finger Plays, and Songs

Good Shepherd’s Fruits of the Spirit Lessons Help to Build Character and a Relationship with the Lord

Zoo Phonics is a Phonetic Exposure to the Alphabet that uses the Whole Body to Connect the Learning to the Brain

A copy of the monthly and yearly Core Knowledge Lesson Plans is available upon request.

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